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About Us

Beer Tap Truck Brewery


We love novel and unique spins on everything traditional. We created Ol Tyme Taps  to combine a fun way to serve beverages while having a really cool picture piece. Let's be honest- who doesn't like an antique vehicle!?
We transitioned to the  beverage catering business in 2020 and have been excited to be a part of the wedding industry and more! 

Ol’ Tyme Taps is a mobile wedding and event bartending service based out of Dalton, NH, just under two hours away from Concord. We aim to create memorable beverage catering experiences for couples celebrating milestone moments. With our vintage Chevrolet farm truck from 1937 that’s fully restored and equipped with six taps, our team delights in contributing to special events. 

Ol’ Tyme Taps proudly serves a wide range of craft beer, wine, cider, and cocktails. Our homemade artisan lemonade is available for those celebrating who prefer non-alcoholic drinks. Our antique farm tap truck can serve weddings of all types and various sizes.

When celebrating with Ol’ Tyme Taps, our staff will be there to support you each step of the way. In addition to the truck rental, we are happy to provide bartending services for as seamless an event as possible. To personalize your celebration, we can help curate a customized beverage list for you and your guests to enjoy.

Have Ol' Tyme Taps at Your Special Event

Dalton, NH

Tel: 603-707-2043

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